The Ultimate Guide to Buying Swim Shorts

It’s officially holiday season, which means that it’s time to update your wardrobe with the latest swim shorts styles. Whether you are looking for an eye-catching pair to wear on your next holiday or prefer a more relaxed fit with some urban edge, here’s our guide to buying the perfect swim shorts to fit your body type and personal style.


Know Your Body Type




Your body type plays a large part in how a certain pair of swim shorts will look and fit, so keep this in mind before you settle on the perfect pair. Generally speaking, the taller you are, the longer your shorts will have to be, and the more fitted the swim shorts, the less forgiving they will be for certain body types.


For tall guys, a pair of swim shorts that come to the mid-thigh as standard might be shorter than you necessarily want, so if you are lucky enough to be over a certain height, you’ll want to go for a pair of swim shorts that will be long enough for your frame.


In this case, our Andes Swim Shorts in white will be the perfect choice for you. Designed in a loose fit for comfortable wear and a chilled look, these stylish swim shorts finish above the knee, offering just the right amount of coverage, no matter how tall you are.


Know Your Vibe




Like any other item of clothing, your swim shorts will be a statement about your personal style and your vibe. Do you prefer a casual look, or are you someone who dresses to impress? These are questions you should be asking yourself when shopping for your next pair of swim shorts.


If you’re looking for the freshest pair of shorts to have all eyes on you when you’re lounging by the pool, then look no further than our Santona Swim Shorts. This coral pink number will have you turning heads for all the right reasons. Great for those who love taking fashion risks or want their garments to match their bold personality, these swim shorts finish just above the mid-thigh. 


Of course, eye-catching colours aren’t for everyone. If muted florals with a streetwear edge are more your vibe, then our River Floral Swim Shorts are the only swim shorts you need this summer. Featuring a floral pattern on a dark background, these relaxed fit shorts are a stylish blend of high-fashion and urban streetwear. They’re perfect for anyone who wants to look fashion-forward but has a more casual style.

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