How To Handle L I F E

Life for most people today is busy. Our attention is pulled constantly into many different directions and it can often feel like something has got to give. Add fitness and a healthy active lifestyle in to that mix and the thought alone is enough to put most off… 


But for those who do chose to take that path, the motivation must come from within. It isn’t a quick fix or a short-term solution, you’re in in for the long run. Once external motivations wear off (doing it to keep up with friends or to see immediate results for example) then the only place you can get motivation from is yourself. It’s that personal drive and being your own competition that keeps you going and eventually leads to success and results. If you want it bad enough you won’t stop until you get there – and by that point it has usually become a lifestyle change and almost part of what makes you, you!  


There will certainly be relationships, situations and setbacks that most would use an excuse, but you must be strong enough to not let anything interfere with your wants and goals. Like anything in life worth having, effort is necessary and not everybody is willing to accept that. So many people are looking for the results but only willing to put in minimum effort and short term commitment. But if you use your time and priorities wisely, while continuing your hard work, then the results will soon show.  


Everybody’s priorities are different and for the majority they vary from day to day, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But something I always ask myself is ‘Am I being honest with myself? Do I really want that? Is that a genuine reason to stop?’. Granted, sometimes the answer is yes but often we are quick to let our thoughts, fears and doubts get away with us and this can stop you from achieving your full potential.  


Somethings I like to do to try and make sure I stay on track and keep up my hard work for example is to make to do lists: I know everything I want to get done the next day and I allocate time to each task and make sure I get it done. If that means setting in early alarm and getting up to get my workout done before the rest of my starts, so be it. I also think about how lucky I am to be able to do these things and having the opportunity to be fit and healthy. That fact should not be taken for granted. 


Whatever it is you do: jogging, weights, yoga, CrossFit – just do what makes you feel good, and believe me, in the long run you will be thanking yourself! 


You must want it. You must put in the hard work in the background without applause. You must make it happen – but most importantly, you must do it for nobody but yourself!  

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